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The Downers Grove Art Department invites residents to its annual Art in the Park event, where visitors can see a variety of art and mingle with artists. The event will feature more than 13 artists, and a weathered art exhibition with 12 additional works will be on display. This will complement the high-profile art represented in the exhibition, as well as a variety of works by local and national artists.

A free program with artists "names, media and locations will be distributed to all participants on the day of the event. Send a statement describing your art or other information you wish to receive about the art. Please include a personal biography or artist statement if you wish to be included in the press release.

Commercial prints and the artist's original work may only be displayed in folding containers and must be clearly identified. Ordinarily signed works such as prints, paintings, drawings, photographs and other works of art must be limited to either 10% of the works on display or a limited number of sizes (no more than 10 x 10 inches).

For each selection in the exhibition, you will receive a detailed package with event information, including your own free festival postcard for distribution. Before sending by post, please create a self-addressed envelope with proper postage and return disk.

If the minimum number of artists is not reached by 10 July 2020, the event will be cancelled and all stand fees paid until then will be on display. The Committee reserves the right to exclude exhibitors whose work is not compatible with eligibility. All violations will either be requested to leave the fair without a refund of the booth fee, or we will issue a notice to pay all booth fees by that date. Judges will not be present at the final jury session on July 20, 2019, but the latest applications can be viewed online (including an additional $15.00 processing fee) if the application is received before the final jury decision.

In addition to our typical offers, Art Van Furniture has made special offers in the form of outlet items. In addition to outlet deals, we have run adverts for our seasonal sales, showing customers how to save money on furnishings all year round. Jurors want the Downers Grove Fine Arts Festival to remain one of Illinois "largest and most successful art fairs.

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The artists are staging what they believe will boost economic growth in downtown Downers Grove. They plan to host at least one or two new artists per day for the first two weeks of the event, which the artists believe will create excitement in the community in addition to the regular Art Walk. The main organizers of the Arts Walk are Art Van Furniture and the Downtown Downer Grove Chamber of Commerce. He hopes to have a total of 500 visitors, who will visit at least one or two artists. These include artists, vendors, artisans, galleries and other local businesses, as well as local restaurants.

In addition to the opportunity for exchange, another major aspect of the event is the connection with local companies. Direct access to the BNSF rail lines brings visitors to the festival from all over the region and the city of Chicago.

The Downers Grove Art Festival, the largest arts festival in Illinois, is located on the site of the former BNSF train station at the intersection of North and South Main Streets in Downersville.

The festival takes place in the middle of the awards ceremony - the award-winning and historic Downtown Downers Grove, located on the 22-mile Chicago Loop. The Art Department, along with a subcommittee of the Downer Grove Marchers, is a group of artists, musicians, writers, artists and other community members committed to making Downes Grove a place that promotes art, music, dance, literature, food and music culture. In 2017, the department performed at the Chicago Art Walk, an annual art festival in downtown Chicago, and Malone said members plan to host an arts walk in 2019. He said his department has high hopes for the event, as well as for future events such as the annual Downs Grove Art Festival.

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