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After discovering some of the most exciting places in the country, head to Illinois and discover the 10 most exciting places within the state. True to its name, this Illinois city is ranked number one on our list of the most exciting cities for food and entertainment. Rock Island was once a picturesque village with beautiful historic houses, but today it is the number one for non-fast food restaurants, including fast food chains like McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell, among others.

We didn't taste any of the food they had, but we enjoyed the experience and the beer was pretty tasty. They also have a few other beers, including some of their own, as well as some local breweries from around the country.

The food was okay, but the choice was good and we read many of the recent publications we were looking for. But we found a good Cantillon and the Irish - a theme place with a wide selection of beers from all over Ireland.

The Windy City blows away the competition when it comes to the number of bars, nightclubs and pubs in Downers Grove, Illinois. Some of our go-to bars / discos / pubs are the Old Town Bar & Grill, West Side Bar and South Side Pub. We also included some of the most popular bars and restaurants in the area, such as the Wrigley Field Pub, a great bar and restaurant.

Karma Club manager Michael Oliva says a lot of work has been put into improving the club section of the venue, such as new lights and sound systems. He says they have a well-known DJ playing top 100 music, as well as a wide selection of live music from local artists.

The list of beers is small, but there is always a wide selection of beers, from craft beer to craft beer and even a small selection of wine.

I visited this location a few weeks ago after rating Sam's Wine & Spirits and was quite impressed with the beer selection. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of the original beers they usually have on tap, but they're consistent and have been drinking the following beers in the last month. If you know your own annual beer, look for the seasonal beers and drink them more. This place has really turned around since my previous review, I even wish they were consistent with their beer selection and had more beers of their own.

I think the prices are a bit high compared to some other places in the area, but not as high as I thought. The selection is not as good as some others would claim, having been given plenty of Oberon after Bell announced he was returning to Chicago.

If you want to sip a sip of wine, enjoy a pint and dance the night away, Downers Grove is for you. You'd think margaritas should be on the menu and they are, but they have a name like Rita, so I think they should have been on that menu.

The River Shannon in Lincoln Park is open all night, so Chicago Northerners can go to their favorite pub to enjoy a pint or two and a good beer, wine or cocktail all day long. While you're at it, keep the Christmas spirit alive with some of the best craft beers in the city's most popular neighborhood.

You may not go to a rat party on Friday, but you can certainly borrow beer, wine or cocktails in one of the city's best bars and restaurants. Whether you're just meeting up with friends or just spending a night outdoors, there are plenty of places to watch the next big game at Downers Grove all night, even at the weekend.

Did you know Evanston is more exciting than Chicago and Downers Grove made it into the top 10? This exciting city is young and, according to our analysis, has plenty of nightlife, so don your hat and head to one of the most exciting places in Illinois, EvanSTON, to get started.

In the summer months, a very large outdoor area can be used, and the hall will be open all year round, although the restaurant will have a separate entrance. Located in the heart of Downers Grove, just a few blocks south of the Chicago River, this is a great place to go when your band plays at Ballydoyle. Visitors to Chicago enjoy the city's excellent medical facilities, but there are also a number of great restaurants, bars and restaurants.

The classic Pippin's Tavern in Streeterville is open all year round with a special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day holiday special. Chicagoans can enjoy their favorite beverages in an exceptional holiday spirit, and the bar will offer specialty drinks throughout the night, including special Christmas specials and special events. Just like in a sports bar you don't hear about busy nights, but there always seems to be a good crowd. This popular bar and restaurant on the south side of Downers Grove is always open to provide a fun night out for revellers.

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More About Downers Grove